Quick Tip: Before You Start Your Online Store Do This!

Quick Tip: Before You Start Your Online Store Do this!

Online sales are up 23% from just a little over 12 months ago, so have you jumped on the bandwagon like everyone else?

It seems like everyone is building an online store, spending big marketing dollars to get traffic because it seems like the hot thing to do, but it is? I remember a time not that long ago, where many thought it was a waste of time taking your business online……how they were wrong!

Getting It Right Can Be Expensive
Not every business has tens of thousands of dollars to build a perfect online store and then spend thousands more trying to get the right targeted traffic to visit the online store. While many others have spend big dollars and have had major online store fails. So what do you do if you’re on a budget and want to test the market before you over invest??

The Perfect Place To Test Your Ideas
So Imagine I told you there’s a place you could easily start your online store and have targeted traffic ready to buy in less that 30 minutes and it’s FREE to setup.

That would be the perfect place to test your ideas right? Well it does exist and it’s called Ebay. So before you switch the channel and leave this page, think about ehat Ebay really does provide:

  • Ebay stores are super easy to setup
  • Ebay allows you to take various types of payments eg. credit cards, cash, cheques
  • Ebay gets millions of visitors looking for just about everything and anything
  • Ebay can be a cost effective alternative to spending thousands on an online store
  • Ebay has helped thousands of people make very good incomes by using the site
  • Ebay allows you to sell around the world

You can sell both products and services via Ebay, so it just about suitable to sell anything (just about).

So before you make a jump and spend crazy amounts of money on an expensive online store, jump onto Ebay, check out the options and fees. If you have success selling your products or services there, maybe it is time to take it to the next level and build an online store.

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By Tim Sabre